Who We Are

We are a group of women and educators whose lives have been touched by cancer and believe that if a woman’s heart and mind is at rest, then her body can heal more rapidly and effectively.

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Board of Directors

Pam Ahl, Co-Founder - Director

Pam Ahl (Co-Founder / Director)

Pam earned her BA in English, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  A certified teacher of English at the secondary level, Pam currently teaches 5th Grade at St. Francis Xavier School in South Weymouth, MA.  As a Eucharistic Minister and Catechist for over twenty years,  Pam remains active in the St. Mary of the Nativity parish community in Scituate.   Married, with two grown children, Pam is also a freelance artist with a home studio in Scituate.  Volunteering for LLL is one of the many ways she strives to make a positive difference in the world around her.

“Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a life changing event, in and of itself.  My time came shortly after I turned forty years old, which for me was devastating enough.  Some women gasp at thought of turning thirty; for me it was the big 40.  I simply could not get my brain around the fact that I was aging SO rapidly.  It felt as though my youth had slipped away entirely in the changing of two digits!  A routine mammogram changed all of that.

Early detection saved my life, physically and emotionally.  I was blessed with the realization that life truly is full and open with opportunity for growth at all stages of life.  Through  my treatments it became horrifyingly clear to me the degree to which other women struggled with the lack of support on a daily basis.  With the help of my partners, I decided to do what I could to make a difference in their lives, so that they, too, might experience  blessings on their  journeys.  No one should have to sacrifice peace of  mind, or the sanctity of ordinary life, in order to overcome cancer.  Learn Live Love helps pave  a smoother road for those whose journey is far too rough.”

Rosemary Lonborg Co Founder / DirectorRosemary Lonborg (Co-Founder / Director)
rosemary@learnlivelove.orgRosemary is a Child Life Specialist. She worked at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in the Jimmy Fund Clinic for 21 years, and is now with Fragile Footprints Pediatric Palliative Care, Plymouth, MA. She directed the Religious Education Program grades K-5 at St. Mary’s in Scituate for over 10 years, and is also the author of 3 children’s books. Rosemary serves on the Board of Directors for Survivors of Unexpected Loss, Scituate , MA. She is married to Dr. Jim Lonborg, a 15 year veteran of Major League Baseball, and has 3 sons, 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren. She has lots of hobbies but her favorite is ski racing!

“When I was in my early thirties and busy raising six children, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After eight long, painful years, she died. She never really knew my children. She was not there when I needed guidance in decision making, but most of all, she was not able to experience the incredible joy of being a mother and grandmother. I think about her everyday as I delight in my adult children and precious grandchildren!

I am so thankful for the beautiful life I have been blessed with and want to give back in any way that I can to lighten the burden of others. In addition to my work, Learn Live Love allows me to help others and honor the memory of my mother everyday. Definitely a win-win situation!”

Business Manager LLLAmy Webber (Business Manager)

“In November of 2003, my husband of nineteen years was diagnosed with an aggressive lung cancer. My son and daughter were both in high school at the time. Paul underwent debilitating chemotherapy and radiation, and as a result could no longer work. I spent all of my time at his side as his full-time caregiver, sacrificing my income as well. I honestly understand first hand what it is like to be unable to make ends meet when critical illness comes unexpectedly into a family. Even with good insurance, and loving friends & family supporters, when you are out of work because of cancer, the fear of loosing not only your loved one but literally the roof over your head can be utterly crippling.
Paul died eight months after his diagnosis. His life insurance allowed me to pay his bills and keep my children in their home. Others are not so lucky.
I have since remarried, and now have my own accounting business. Life is wonderful and I am happy! I devote my time to Learn Live Love because I want to help prevent others from experiencing financial stress while fighting this horrible disease.”

The Team

Kym Buckovitch – Social Committee

Linda Fechter – Press Releases

Lindsay Horne – Event Management

James Lonborg – Treasurer