“Today, you have truly helped me not just financially but even more so emotionally. I can actually take a deep breath and enjoy it for the moment. I really do not have the slightest idea how to thank your organization for the generosity you shared with me today. No words can ever explain how this makes me feel. Each day is a struggle but today makes it all worth it.” ~Barbara

“I am overwhelmed by your generosity. When I sent the request, I never expected Learn Live Love to pay the entire rent. I hope all the good you do comes back to you tenfold!” ~ Pauline

“[My patient] was overjoyed by the news that LLL was going to help her for a couple of months with mobile phone and storage fees (cried on the phone). Shows how much your efforts mean to the less fortunate. Thanks!” ~ Mark

“I am truly lost for words. This is truly a Miraculous Godsend having Learn Live Love come to my family and help us. You will never know how much we appreciate your time and efforts. Thank you so much.” ~Laura

“I am amazed at the beautiful washer and dryer all made possible by you!!! I still can’t believe it!! My neighbor saw my son and I lugging laundry to the car and the next thing we knew…. Came you! The whole world is truly blessed there really are people like you with such compassion and unconditional kindness that helps us keep the strength when at times we feel like the thread we hang from is ready to break. Thank you for giving us another reason to believe when too many curve balls are wearing us down. There was a time I could still try my best and hit it out of the park and beat any challenge, but lately, not as much. The washer and dryer has helped us so much even on the hardest days. I will never forget such an amazing gift!” ~Cathy

“I would like to thank LLL for helping me in my time of need. It is comforting to know there are wonderful people like you to help someone through a scary, devastating ordeal.” ~ Judith